Ty Dolla $ign just dropped the re-release for his debut album Free TC in the form of a deluxe edition, so of course the Taylor Gang singer/songwriter had to treat his fans right. Ty dropped a little something for the re-up - two new singles “Like A Drug” and “Westside.” Hear the first one up top and the second one below.

The cuts show two sides of the crooner, with “Like A Drug” serving as turnt up slow jam that finds Ty on the hunt for the plug who created his leading lady’s metaphorical drugs. On the other hand, the Jodd Knight and DJ Mustard-produced “Westside” finds Dolla $ign in more of a club element with his melodies smoothly complementing Mustard’s booming signature drums.

Ty first announced he was re-releasing his November debut earlier this month and talked about adding new songs. “We got some new songs on there, some new slappers. And I can’t wait to play that for y’all,” Ty said.

While his album was well-received within the industry, it was not an all around chart topper. Taking it as a lesson learned, Ty vowed that with his next body of work he would do things differently. “I gave away so many dates for Free TC. Like, fuck all that. I’m not giving no dates away until I have the master in my hand. So, no more of that. But I got three albums worth of music right now.”

With the Free TC deluxe edition also comes Ty’s Free TC documentary, which surrounds the influence behind the album. Since the beginning Ty has made it a point to highlight mass incarceration and the falsely accused in efforts to tell his older brother Gabriel's story. Gabe is currently serving 67 years in a California State prison for a 2004 murder he confirms he did not commit. The doc features Ty and his family and the album creation process as they begin to work on Gabe's second and final appeal.

Purchase Free TC on iTunes now and hear "Westside" below.


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