Two Troy New York police officers have been suspended without pay after they were investigated for allegedly using a golf cart to run down and kill a groundhog during a golf outing. SMH, this is how it all went down according to Times Union.

wvholst, flickr

Two city of Rensselaer police officers were suspended without pay Monday because they failed to disclose to their superior officers an investigation by the Troy Police Department into their alleged roles in the killing of a woodchuck on a golf outing in July.

"They failed to report it. So they're being given a 30-day suspension without pay," said Mayor Dan Dwyer.

Officers Tyler Sammon and Mark Spath, were accused of using a golf cart at the Troy golf course to chase a woodchuck around until it was exhausted, and then ran over the animal, according to police reports.

This sounds crazy why were they out on golf carts chasing ground hogs around ? It is especially crazy with the rash of shootings of unarmed people and most officers get paid leave.

Granted the Troy Police department is a completely different police department with its own history, and has not been in the center of controversy lately. This ruling makes it seem like the woodchuck's life is more important than the hundreds of others that have been taken by police and no reprimand has been given.