Tupac's estate is upset that people are continuing to try to profit from his art. TMZ reports that the estate plans to block the sale of the handwritten lyrics to "Catchin' Feelings" after memorabilia company Moments in Time announced that they'd be auctioning off the lyrics on the 20th anniversary of his death, Sept. 13.

Although Pac's estate had a fire sale after the legendary rapper's death, and sold off a ton of his personal property, it says it rightfully owns all of Pac's art—basically, his handwritten creations and lyrics. The estate says that those items were never sold. However, clearly some of those items got mixed up in the sale somehow.

As a result, the estate says that it's rewarding who unknowingly got Pac's personal items if they return it. On the flip side, the estate is aggressively pursuing people who try to sell off the items and exploit his memory, assumedly meaning companies like Moments in Time. For their part, however, the company reportedly feels as though Pac's estate has no grounds for a lawsuit and plans to proceed with the sale.

With both Pac and his mother, Afeni Shakur, now gone, and an upcoming movie, All Eyez On Me, on the way, here's hoping things don't get ugly (or greedy).


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