Via the Times Union, four benches have been removed in Troy's Barker Park after people began complaining about inappropriate behavior by those who used to hang out at them, according to a city spokesman. He also said that he hopes the bench removal will help to stop the behavior from happening in the park.

So, let me get this straight. The City of Troy is blaming park benches for people doing bad things? As if the ability to sit while committing crimes is the enabler for wrongdoers? Is this a joke?

Listen, people are going to do wrong whether there are park benches around or not if they so choose. Rather than blaming the people who designed the park or, even better, those evil benches, you should blame yourselves for failing to maintain some kind of adequate security presence on the premises. Then again, asking those involved in politics to take responsibility for their actions is certainly a battle you're going to lose ten times out of ten.