The First Niagra Bank across from Hudson Valley Community college was robbed yesterday afternoon. It’s looking like they’ll catch the suspect sooner than later courtesy of surveillance video footage.

The heavy set suspect wore a ski mask and indicated he had a weapon under his sweatshirt even though it was never displayed. I’m pretty sure banks have a certain set of guidelines for dealing with robbers but the “phantom weapon” robbers always intrigued me.

“I have a weapon.”

“Where at?”, says Tanch

“Under my shirt”

“All I see are some man boobs under that thing, prove it” says Tanch

“Dude, I’m seriously going to shoot you in the face”

“Not with your imaginary gun bro” says Tanch

I digress, the robber was last seen fleeing towards the nearby Rite Aid pharmacy but the surveillance footage is said to be “excellent” and the suspect should be apprehended soon. Smile! You’re on convict camera!