In case you wondering about those soft shots Drake sent Tory Lanez's way during his Summer Sixteen Tour a couple of weeks ago, just know Tory Lanez isn't really tripping.

The Toronto native told Sway in the Morning yesterday (Aug. 8) that he's focusing one one thing—his upcoming coming project, I Told You So, which is due out on Aug. 19.

"The thing is about me,” he said. “I ain’t here to talk about him. It ain’t one of those. I’m here to talk about me and this album because that’s when that pressure is coming up.”

Though Tory seemed a little reluctant at first to even bring up the Drake situation, in which Drizzy seemed to call him out during his Summer Sixteen Tour for remixing his song, "Controlla," he eventually cleared the air during the 32-minute interview.

He spent a lot of time talking about his upcoming project, his process and kicked a freestyle, where things got a little interesting.

“People know I’m comin’,” he rapped around the 19:40 mark. “Sh-- mean / Competition know I’m comin’, sh-- free / The sh-- is ironic that the outcome, look, the album is this summer ’16."

For now, that's as far as Tory would take it. You can check the interview in it's entirety above.

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