“Bath salts” are said to be the cause of all this Zombie-like behavior being reported around the country. They aren’t marketed for human consumption but any kid with a laptop knows they get you high. Not “zen-like, give me a bowl of cheetos and put on a funny dvd” marijuana high. More like a “I want to eat your face off and scream like a wild beast” high.

Wikipedia describes bath salts as crystals with fragrances and colors. They say salts change the balance of the water so that less water is absorbed by the skin, which aids in exfoliation.

I’m pretty sure the salts their referring to are not the ones being sold at gas stations and head shops. If you’re looking for a luxury bathing experience you might want to check your nearest Bed Bath & Beyond instead.

The bath salts we’re talking about make people crazy. How crazy? Peep the police video below.