In this new day in age females no longer admire what they where blessed with from birth, but instead they  want to be more and more like the women they see on TV, magazines music videos and now a days the light is being projected to the strip clubs. In Fact some women are openly admitting to having surgery. It's like the bigger the booty and breasts are, the more attention you get and possibly a bigger paycheck. Instagram and other social media outlets have also been a part of glamorizing the women with the "nice shapes and big butts". They put the light on these women making it seem as if its OK to do such things to your body. Women have even taken to going out of the country and getting work done on there bodies but the problem is, that some women are using janky doctors to get the fix. After I did some research myself (not for a procedure but for knowledge) I found out that the normal procedure would cost about 4,000-7,000 dollars depending on the intensity of the work but however if you go out of the country or use the "black market" you could get work done as little as 500 dollars. The Booty Craze as I would call it has resulted in many women being hospitalized from infection and even some have resulted in death. I'm all for looking good so I'm not bashing the women that have had some work done in fact kudos to you on looking "Fab" but the issue is and probably will remain the same is that even if you don't have a big butt or double D breasts you should always love the skin your in regardless of the Kim Kardashians and Black Chynas.