If your not familiar with Adam Rupeka he was an "activist" from the Capital Region who would film police and get into various altercations with police from all around the area. From filming police buildings to flying drones in the Empire Plaza. Adam was a stern activist against the abuse of police power.

The self-proclaimed police watchdog, Rupeka is best known for his arrests, when he crashed a drone into the Capitol and during a videotaped confrontation with a Saratoga Springs Police Officer.

Rupeka was pepper sprayed but had the last laugh when he was awarded a $50,000 settlement with the city and the officer resigned.

I first learned about Adam last year when he posted this video online.

Adam Rupeka, 36, and his girlfriend took their lives over the weekend in Tijuana in what appears to be a dual suicide by drug overdose.

Adam allegedly took his own life after fleeing to Mexico when he was charged for sexual abuse on a 15 year old. He claims he didn't commit the crime and the police were trying to set him up.


Do you believe the charges against Rupeka ? Do you believe he really took his own life ? A lot of the circumstances behind his death seem like something from a movie. Why travel all the way to Mexico to commit suicide ? Just doesn't add up.

You can check out Adam's facebook page here.