According to intern Jordan, there are a lot of rappers in the 518 bringing that heat so here is his top 5 :

Big Rush: He's bringing back that aura feel of the 90's you know his wordplay is just so on point, he brings that hunger that you want and his flow is just hard. His flow is like none i've heard before and he's bringing that Realness back to Hip-Hop

TruthInRhyme: His voice is so powerful because he talks about Real issues in this world that NEED  to be addressed. He also talks about the music scene and how we need to have more authenticity in music and not be copying other artists have your own sound and message.

Un-earthTone: She is a revolutionary onto herself and so many other people and she is for social injustices there are so many of them in this messed up world and she speaks very powerfully about these injustices and there needs to be more said about all the injust in this world.

Masai: He spits that raw real gritty type hip-hop he got them hard sick barz, he's got that fire that you just love his grind is so dope man so motivational.

PV: His metaphors are just outta this world like he makes your head spin around like you wouldn't believe. He is so sick with his wordplay like his play on words is on another planet if ya don't listen to him your ears will hate you because his flow is just different.

This list was curated by Intern Jordan follow him on twitter @NewEraJunkieNY and on Instagram @RapNFitteds247365NY.

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