OK so clearly and obviously  its SUMMERTIME which means its going to be HOT outside. Every time I log onto social media everyone's complaining about the heatwave that has finally hit the 518. My thing is all winter long we be so ancy and pressed for the nice hot weather and when it comes we complain and want the complete opposite,why is that? I don't know but I do know Im 100% a spring baby and I live and Love the summer time plus not for nothing its literally the shortest season of them all. Here's three KeishaRenee tips on staying cool these next couple days.

lapeyrecout, Flickr

1) Drink a lot of Water, staying cool and hydrated in a MAJOR KEY

2) If you don't have a pool to stay cool in there are more than enough FREE pools and parks to visit through out the 518 area ... My favorite is Monroe Lake however it does cost 8$ a car to park but the rest is FREE 99

3)You know that good O saying "invest in your self" well "invest in COOL AIR" I priced checked a fan at family dollar and they going for $19.99 but of course if ya coins is real right them AC's going for $135.00 at Targets.

You can thank me later.