So, it's no longer a surprise as to who the special guest for Albany High Senior Prom was. The young talented up-and-coming Shade Jenifer came through Albany High's Senior Prom this past Saturday as prom set sail on the JP Cruise in Troy, NY.

For starters, no one knew who the special guest was -- not even one clue. Many people in attendance, and even those who came to take pictures of the well dressed class of 2016, questioned Team Hot as to who the artist was when we arrived to get the class of 2016 turned up for a great night. Anticpation grew all the way up until Shade Jenifer was annouced to come out and perform.

Those who were not aware of who Shade Jenifer was needed a little convincing that he was the next hottest young superstar. So, Shade took the mic and started singing Chris Brown's 'Back to Sleep', and then it was lit from there. Needless to say, young Shade Jenifer won over the hearts of many young ladies that were in attendance, and definitely gained some new fans.

Shade Jenifer's debute self-titled album is now out and available on iTunes, so make sure you take a listen and cop that new heat!

Team Hot991 and Shade Jenifer