These days the line between newer rappers and old rappers couldn't be any more solid, and that seemed to be most evident when Lil Yachty said Biggie Smalls was overrated.

Of course, the older generation griping about the previous one is nothing new, not in hip-hop nor in everyday society but Talib Kweli said that rap vets could learn a thing or two from the newer crop of MCs.

"Older artists, traditional artists, legacy artists have to learn from newer artists," he said on VladTV. "Learn from the 21 Savages and Lil Yachtys and the Ugly Gods."

The Black Star spitter also spoke about the negative opinions some older fans have about today's rap music, and he said the music doesn't necessarily have to be liked, it just has to be understood on some level.

"People get confused by thinking you gotta like the music, said Talib. "You gotta relate to the music ... Music is so emotional, so people respond to music emotionally, and if it's not something they grew up on or something that's not speaking their language that they relate to, they're automatically dismissive of it without understanding the movement."

It's all about grasping what these younger artists mean to their fans, explained the Brooklyn rapper, and he said if you can understand what their overall appeal is, you may be able to understand what their music is all about.

"They dismiss the movement along with the music, and you can't dismiss the movement," Talib stated. "Because you got to respect an artist getting their s--- out there."

You can watch the rest of the interview above.