Should Schenectady Raise The Smoking Age to 21? [POLL]
County legislators passed a bill to increase the age on Tuesday. Schenectady is now the fifth county in New York, plus New York City, to increase the age someone can purchase tobacco products. Is there really a need to do this? By the age of 18 do you really know the dangers of smoking cigarettes?
Generation Next Hot Picks [VOTE] 07.05.16
This week's Generation Next hot picks. Vote for your favorite five songs to be featured this Sunday at 10 p.m. in the Generation Next podcast.
Generation Next 7-4-16
Listen to last week's podcast here.
Women Are Mad About The Child Support Card [VIDEO]
The state of Delaware is proposing a child support card, with strict regulations that the money has to be spent on school supplies, and children's clothing. Women are upset about this saying that they don't need these regulations because they take care of their children...
Which Movie Had The Saddest Death Scene ? [POLL]
Which movie death made you really feel some type of way? Personally, I feel Raheem's death in Juice touched me, probably because he was killed by his best friend. Then his "best friend"/ murderer acted like nothing happened. It makes you paranoid to know that someone you kick …
Sergio Garcia’s Tiger Woods Comment – Was It RACIST?? [POLL]
Pro golfer, Sergio Garcia, has been playing pretty solid lately. His game has been up and down over the years, but he was looking like an early favorite in The Players Championship a few weeks ago. On one of the days (golf tournaments are 4 days), he was paired up with his arch rival, Tiger Woods. T…
Are Facebook ‘Pokers’ Thirsty? [POLL]
According to facebook’s Help Center, the facebook poke is a “simple and fun way to say hello to your friends.” Who you tryin’ to kid? I think we’re all under the same assumption – if you send someone a poke, you&CloseC…
When Is The First Day Of Spring 2013?
Spring is almost here!  We're just weeks away from bee stings, short shorts, flip flops, long days and sunshine.  The official first day of the season is March 20th.
Man Hit By Elderly Driver In Albany
A man riding his bike was hit by a van and dragged more than 130 feet earlier this morning on South Pearl Street. The man is currently recovering at Albany Medical Center.
Father Beats Stepson With Belt [VIDEO]
California native Anthony Sanchez is getting a lot of heat because of a viral video, which captured him beating his stepson with a belt. The reason for his frustration is the boy missing a baseball while playing catch.
Most Annoying Hip Hop Slang [POLL]
We’re constantly updating our vocabulary thanks to the hip hop songs and artists we all know and love. Terms like “ice”, “daps”, “whack” (to name a few) have become common in conversation with the you…

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