Albany Man Arrested For Pleasuring Himself In Public
A 23 year old man from Arbor Hill was busted for yanking his crank in public. Police charged Jayshawn Owens with public lewdness for masturbating in two city alleys this past June. Have you seen the alleyways this time of year? Very romantic.
Chocolate Mess Causes Traffic Delays
Route 11 in the town of Stockholm experienced three hours of traffic this morning. A tractor trailer loaded with 20 tons of Hershey’s chocolate rolled over.
National Weather Service Alerts Will Be Sent To Your Smartphone
Smartphone users around the country will begin receiving tests from the government soon. Don’t worry, big brother isn’t looking at your Instagram gallery or high score in Angry Birds. Sophisticated technology will allow the National Weather Service to sent emergency a…
Swearing In Public Is Now A Crime
The people of Middleborough, Massachusetts have spoken – potty mouths are about to get flushed. Residents in attendance at a town meeting on Monday night approved the police to impose a $20 fine for swearing in public.
Father Beats Stepson With Belt [VIDEO]
California native Anthony Sanchez is getting a lot of heat because of a viral video, which captured him beating his stepson with a belt. The reason for his frustration is the boy missing a baseball while playing catch.
Big Soda Ban In NY [POLL]
No more big gulps in the big apple? It’s a possibility! NYC Mayor Bloomberg is proposing a ban on the sale of sugary sodas larger than 16 ounces. The ban could be put into action as early as next spring.
Albany Inmate Stashes Drugs In Her…
Andrea Amanatides isn’t as sneaky as she thought.  The 38 year old was being held at Albany County Correctional Facility Tuesday when a bunch of drugs spilled out of her vagina.  Wait.  Say what?  Yes, her vagina.
Severe Thunderstorms Headed To The Albany Area Today
Mother Nature cut us some slack on Memorial Day weekend. Two of the three days were calling for rain that never arrived. We’re back to reality, however, as severe thunderstorms are expected to soak the Capital Region this afternoon.
Minorities Overpower White Births In U.S. For The First Time
A Census data breakdown from July 2010 to July 2011 shows more than half the children born in the United States are racial or ethnic minorities. Of the 4.01 million births, 1.99 million were white, 1.05 were Hispanic, .61 million Black, .25 were two or more races, .19 were Asian, .07 were Native Ame…
Couple From Albany Area Pull A Scam At Target
A couple out of Montgomery County got arrested for pulling a scam at a local Target store on April 30th. Carley Goguen used more than $1200 in fake money to buy items from her cashier boyfriend before returning the merch for cash.
Severe Thunderstorm Warning In Albany Area
The area could be in for some nasty weather.  WTEN's Steve Caporizzo is reporting a severe thunderstorm warning for the entire region until 9pm.  Select areas are also under tornado watch.
Support For New York State Minimum Wage Increase
Democrats have a proposal in the Legislature to raise New York State minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $8.50 per hour. Cool, I might get a raise! A Siena college poll shows state voters support the proposal.
How Much Will It Cost to Get Your Own Wikipedia Page?
Wikipedia may be the “free” online encyclopedia, but if you want your very own factual and well-written entry, it’s gonna cost you. Record producer Erez Safer and filmmaker Aaron Wertheimer have launched their own business which will write, research and po…

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