Harris Connect LLC Scamming Albany Area Alumni
I received a post card from my high school asking me to call a 1-800 number within 7 days to verify my alumni information. It looked legit. It had my name, the year I graduated - it even had the Saratoga High School logo on it. There was something that didn’t seem right, though. I started questionin…
3 Children, 1 Adult Killed In Schenectady House Fire
A terrible tragedy happened early this morning on Hulett Street in Schenectady. A house fire claimed four lives. Three of the four victims were young children. A fourth child was pulled from the building and is currently hospitalized at the Westchester Medical Center burn unit.
Cohoes Man Tells Judge To Go BLEEP Himself!
Donald Lewis III from Cohoes got lippy with a City Court Judge this morning. The man was in court after allegedly possessing a firearm while leading police on a downtown foot chase.
Sno Cone Joe VS. Mr. Ding-A-Ling TURF WAR!!
I think our local ice cream truck workers have been watching way too many episodes of “Gangland.” Sno Cone Joe himself, Joshua Malatino, let rival Mr. Ding-A-Ling know that he’s not welcome in Gloversville.
AMBER Alerts Now Available Via Text Message in NY State
Amber Alerts are an important tool to raise awareness of child abductions. The emergency alert system has been implemented in NY state since ’02. The alerts are broadcasted via multiple mediums for years – radio, tv, online and road signs. Now you’ll be able to …
Run/Walk For Boston In Saratoga Springs On Thursday
Monday’s bombing in Boston was a tragic event. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes tragedy to bring a nation together. Although the historic city is hundreds of miles away, the Capital Region has united to help our neighbors to the east heal. One example of this is an event happening i…
WTF??? Saratoga Springs Man Gets Ear Cut Off
A nasty altercation occurred in Saratoga Springs on Tuesday evening. A city man had part of his ear cut off and the side of his face slashed at a cook-out on Grand Avenue. Sounds like a typical BBQ at Hannibal Lecter’s house!
Albany Tulip Fest 2013 List Of Events + Performances
Mother’s Day Weekend is approaching which means Tulip Festival is almost here! Let’s hope the spring weather gets here in time for all those tulips to grow in Washington Park. This year’s events feature something for everyone – kids activities, c…
Siena Hires Jimmy Patsos As Head Coach
It’s out with the old and in with the new for Siena’s men’s basketball team. After the termination of Mitch Buonaguro, a new head coach has been announced. Jimmy Patsos is leaving a familiar Siena foe, Loyola, to take the position.
Is Costco Coming To The Albany Area?
If you’re a doomsday prepper or enjoy buying essential household items in bulk, there may be a new shopping destination for you!  A little birdie is telling us that Costco is looking to set up shop at a Capital Region location.
Is Lil Wayne Coming To SPAC? YOU ALREADY KNOW!!!
Props to the peeps over at SPAC for not shying away from booking the biggest names in hip hop! Sure, it’s possible that we’ll only get to see ONE hip hop tour in the Spa City this year, but it’s better than nothing. Drizzy Drake shut it down last year,…
HYFR – Food Trucks Are Back In Albany!!
The calendar says its spring, but it doesn’t feel like it.  I mean, come on. Check your thermometer.  The day-time temperatures this week are 40-something degrees!  Far from scorching to say the least.  However, some familiar sights and sounds of spring are starti…
Local HOTtie – Kirsten Slurff
The Capital Region has some of the most beautiful women on the planet. So why wouldn’t we showcase them? Get to know Local HOTtie, Kirsten Slurff from Rotterdam!
Texas Roadhouse Coming To Albany Area
Get ready for a new restaurant chain with food so good you’ll smack ya momma!  Texas Roadhouse is set to open its first Capital Region location on August 1st.  The steak and ribs chain will set up shop at 105 Wolf Road.
Things I Like To Shop For At Albany Area Bodegas
The Capital Region is not without its fair share of bodegas. You can go to every Price Chopper, Stewarts, Mobil, Hess, Hannaford or Shop Rite in the area, but if you’re looking for plantain chips or hard-to-find Hispanic ingredients you’re probably gonna have to hit u…
Sorry, McLovin’ – New New York State ID’s Are Hard To Fake [PICTURE]
The state is rolling out a new, harder to fake driver’s license.  They goin’ all old school on us, too!  The photos will be black and white.  Also, the state thinks your pretty face is so nice they’re printing it twice.  The ID will feature your photo on the left and a smaller duplicate photo in a c…
Capital Region Hot List Results
The Capital Region has spoken!  We asked you to vote for your favorite people and places around the 518 and you delivered.  Here are the results of the 2013 Capital Region Hot List as voted for by YOU!  Congrats to all our winners!
Police: Schenectady Woman Beat Officer With Baton
A Schenectady woman has been arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer with his own weapon during a traffic stop. 19 year old, Denita Collier, fled from police officers after an early morning traffic stop on Wednesday. An altercation ensued when officers caught up with the woman.
Siena Fires Men’s Basketball Coach Mitch Buonaguro
Siena basketball fans can now breathe a sigh of relief. The team’s coach, Mitch Buonaguro, was released from his contract a year early. Remember when Siena was competing with the most elite teams in the NCAA Tournament? Yeah… We miss you, Fran McCaffery.

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