Hot 99.1 Celebrity Golf Tournament
Come play in our Celebrity Golf Tournament! It’s happening on Monday, August 19th at the beautiful Colonie Golf & Country Club. I’m extremely excited for this event. I play golf all over the Capital Region but haven’t had the opportunity to pla…
SHARK WEEK With Albany Area Celebrities
Discovery Channel is on day 3 of their annual “Shark Week.” This year’s edition features 11 hours of new shark-related programming. There’s a Shark Week feeding frenzy on Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets every year in antici…
Albany Area Buffet Suspected Of Identity Theft
The Golden Town Buffet Hibachi & Sushi was raided yesterday by law enforcement. The Albany area Asian buffet is under investigation for identity theft after multiple patrons reported suspicious activity on their debit and credit card statements.
P-U!! What Is The Bad Odor in Cohoes?
If you’ve been smelling that stank a$$ odor in Cohoes, there’s no need to worry according to officials. The putrid stench is attributed to an overheated chemical tank at Norlite Corp, according to Joseph Fahd.
Prostitution Arrests Made In Saratoga Springs
Of all places in the Capital Region to hear about prostitution – would you ever expect Saratoga Springs? Sting operations lead to the arrest of 5 Albany area women. The women have all been charged with misdemeanor prostitution.
Saratoga Race Course Giveaways 2013
The local heat wave will still be in effect as the racing season kicks off in Saratoga Springs on Friday. It shouldn’t have much of an impact on business, though.
HEAT WAVE – Cooling Stations Set Up In Albany This Week
Temperatures are expected to be in the mid to high 90’s for the rest of the week. Due to the heat wave, the city of Albany is helping to prevent your face from melting off. There will be cooling stations set up throughout the city, which will be open to the public 11am to 7pm through…
Mayor Of Lake George Attempts To Bargain With Profane T-Shirt Store
Do I look like a give a f---? The acronym for that phrase, Dilligaf, is familiar to those who frequent Canada Street in Lake George. Dilligaf is one of the stores that sells shirts and other novelties with naughty words on them. Safe to say, if you don’t want your grams to have a str…
Central Park Pool Now Open In Schenectady!
Mechanical issues delayed the opening of Central Park Pool for several days. Good news, Schenectady peeps! Now, you’re free to put on your trunks and take a dip. The pool opened earlier today. Central Park Pool is open Monday – Friday 12:30pm – 6:00pm and 1pm – 6pm …
Alive at Five Will Be Held At The Palace Theatre Today
The rain, rain, will not go away. It’s been a miserable spring so far, but Mother Nature can’t get in the way of having a good time. This week’s edition of the Alive at Five concert series will be moved indoors this evening.
The HOT 9 – Hip Hop Summer Songs [Week of 6/3]
It’s time for week number two of the HOT 9. The official first day of summer is June 21st so it’s time to start building those BBQ playlists. We got another 9-song set list of HOT records to bump this summer. The list is perfect if you’re at a family reunion, hanging poolside, cruising with your cli…
Punk @$$ Charged With Rape And Assault On Albany Area Woman
Here’s another example of why you should never, never, NEVERRRRR get into a car with a stranger, no matter how “harmless” they look. A 24 year-old Niskayuna resident, Salam Al Haideri, is being charged with rape and assault after attacking a 19 year-old wo…
Help Find Missing Teen – Ayla Cogliando
Ayla Cogliando of Wynantskill has been reported missing. Her disappearance occurred sometime around 1am on Sunday morning. Her mother posted some information on Craigslist, which has since made its way to Facebook, to help bring the 17 year-old home safe.
It’s HOT Outside!! Albany Area Pools Open Soon!!!
I don’t handle summer weather too well. Heck, I even break a sweat when attempting to tie my shoes. I’m comfortable wearing shorts in 60 degree weather. So on a day like today, humid with a high of 85, my brain is thinking more about keeping cool than work. What bette…
Harris Connect LLC Scamming Albany Area Alumni
I received a post card from my high school asking me to call a 1-800 number within 7 days to verify my alumni information. It looked legit. It had my name, the year I graduated - it even had the Saratoga High School logo on it. There was something that didn’t seem right, though. I started questionin…

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