Donkey Of The Day

Donkey Of The Day : Nicole Arbour
Nicole Arbour a popular YouTuber from Canada is today's Donkey Of The Day. Nicole Arbour obviously isn't a rapper and she did probably the worse parody/remix of a song that I have ever heard in my life.
Donkey of the Day
Today’s donkey of the day goes to a high school kid from Florida, named Noah Crowley. Most of us had a prom and probably had some anxiety asking our date to the dance. We have seen some creativity when it comes to asking someone to prom cards, gifts, balloons etc...
Waste of $200K?
Mike Pence awarded Donkey of the Day for spending over $200K on a football game he walked out on
Donkey Of The Day : Donald Trump…. Again
Donald Trump is making America Great Again and working towards completely dominating Donkey Of The Day.  Donald and his administration have been regulars in  the Donkey of the Day, just like Florida and The Bronx.  Donald Trump made headlines again yesterday declaring Obamacare has te…
Donkey Of The Day : Rob Kardashian
Rob Kardashian went on a serious social media rant last week and Charlamagne was on vacation. Today was Charlamagne's first day back from vacation and who is a better contender for Donkey Of The Day than Mr. Kardashian.
Rob Kardashian went to social media to expose his girlfriend/baby momma/f…
Donkey Of The Day : Tory Lanez
Rapper/Singer Tory Lanez was recently discriminated against at a Luxury Store. The store was following Tory and his entourage around the store, thinking they were attempting to steal.
Lanez retaliated by asking for a different sales associate and then proceeded to spend 35,000 in the store...
Donkey Of The Day : Cameron Mc Dermott
Donkey Of The Day is Cameron Mc Dermott. Cameron Mc Dermott, is a sexual predator, he is a trust fund kid from Long Island has been accused of recording his sexual assaults and labeling a clip “rape” on his computer.
Cameron McDermott, 31, was officially charged in Manhattan with a number of heinous…
Donkey Of The Day : Jason Whitlock
Donkey Of The Day is Jason Whitlock, again. This is the second time this week Jason Whitlock, has been the Donkey Of The Day. Jason Whitlock is a sports journalist, who is very critical of race issues in America. Most of his views empathize with racist views towards athletes...
Donkey Of The Day : Shantrell Murphy
There is nothing worse than not getting a gift at all for a Holiday, especially when the gift giver is your son on mother's day.
That is exactly what happened to a Shantrell Murphy of Spartansburg, SC. Shantrell is 30 years old and has a 6 year old son, she was arrested on mother's day for…

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