chris brown

Do You Like Chris Brown’s New Tattoo?
Chris Brown decided to tatt the back of his head with what looks like a Greek statue, I have no ideas what the reason is for him doing this but we can all speculate. I think it comes down to simple boredomn.
King Rico of Ink Studio in the Bronx tatted the superstar and his friends last night after ha…
Chris Brown Argues With His Baby Mama On IG
Chris Brown really loves attention and he uses social media to get it. He left a comment under his duaghter's mothers page on IG going off about paying 4k a month in child support. The grandmother was on another socail media site complaining about how much he wasn't paying in child support…
2015 BET Awards Winners
Artists like Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj have racked up six nominations apiece for the 2015 BET Awards. Find out which categories they came out victorious in at the awards show as well as other nominees such Beyonce, John Legend, Iggy Azalea, the Weeknd and more.

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