Generation Next Hot Picks [VOTE] 07.11.16
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Generation Next 7-11-16
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The Supreme Experience #FREEMIX 02.29.16
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byRihanna ft. Drake
2.Bank Rolls
byTate Kobang
3.Dope House
byChinx ft. Jadakiss
4.On Your Body
byChinx ft. Meet Sims
5.Phone Down
byErykah Badu
6.Tell 'Em (Lies)
byRich Gang ft...
Catch The Clap Game – Booty Clap or Hand Clap? [AUDIO]
If you’re lookin’ for someone to be mad at, you can thank our friend Miley Cyrus for the explosive “twerk” trend. The use of the word “twerk” in conversation is getting old, but as a man with eyes, I won’t get sick of watching twerk videos any time soon. The overwhelming amount of twerk videos on Vi…