Memorial Day Weekend Hangover Cures
If you’re a party animal or social drinker I’m guessing you put a few adult bevs down the hatch this weekend. If you have stored vacation time and took the day after Memorial Day off you’re a genius. The majority of us, though, are toughing it out. Her…
Best Mixed Drinks For Memorial Day Weekend
Do you plan on puttin’ some drank in your cup on Memorial Day? Looking to try something new? Take a look at our top 10 (in no particular order) Memorial Day mixed drinks and start sippin’! Feel free to throw one of those little umbrellas in there for decoration.
If Only PB&J Came In Vodka Form… Oh Wait
Over the past couple years, we’ve seen a proliferation of uniquely flavored liquors that have drawn the ire and criticism of party poopers who say booze companies are targeting the underage. The latest flavor will definitely be a hit with brown baggers.