The 2016 presidential election took a big step forward yesterday (Mar. 1), as a number of states took part in Super Tuesday, selecting their party's delegate of choice in a primary or caucus. The Democratic race is down to two nominees, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and while some in hip-hop, like Killer Mike, have long rode for Sanders, T.I. sent out a tweet midday throwing his support behind the Vermont Senator.

"#SuperTuesday I'm Goin With Bernie.... Who U Got?!?!?!?! #GoVote #BeHeard," T.I. wrote underneath a photo of Clinton and Sanders with text of each speaking to what would otherwise be considered the presence of young violent minorities in America.

Tip's endorsement isn't the least surprising, as he has gone on record to say that he does not believe Clinton, as a woman, would be a capable president. In October of 2015, the rapper had to apologize for sexist and insensitive comments made about about Clinton's potential presidency. “I apologize to the women I know and the women who know me, my mother, my wife, my daughters, my cousins, my nieces, my sisters, my aunties… I said some things that were insensitive and hurtful to women," he explained. “I never intended to be taken as though I felt women couldn’t be leaders. That was not my intention. I know better than that. I know that my daughters as well as your daughters can lead this nation as well as any other nation as long as they apply themselves and educate themselves and motivate themselves to do so.”

T.I.'s spouse Tiny then told TMZ that he can be sexist at times, saying, "He just wants to be the man. He wants to take care of everything, and he wants the woman to be a woman and be treated like a princess." Read T.I.'s tweet below.

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