It's been well over a year since Suge Knight first turned himself in for a hit-and-run incident that left a man dead, and news surrounding the case continues to unfold in dramatic fashion. In March of 2015, Suge claimed he was partially blind, and not long after, he collapsed in court upon hearing that his bail was set at $25 million. While just three weeks ago, it was reported that Knight had lost phone and visitor privileges, it now seems as if Suge's situation has gotten even worse, as TMZ reports that the one-time head of Death Row Records is being held in solitary confinement.

In legal documents filed by Knight and obtained by TMZ, Suge claims that the L.A. County Sheriff's detective in charge of his murder case convinced the judge to prohibit him from communicating for an indefinite period of time, calling his recent isolation a violation of his basic human rights.

The timeline of Suge's case and its many developments is long and detailed, as there is a separate robbery charge for which Suge pleaded not guilty in October of 2015. He has hired new lawyers and is reportedly in poor health, with what could be a brain tumor causing numbness on one side of his body and the aforementioned court room spill. While it's impossible to verify the accuracy of all of Suge's claims, it seems undeniable that he's in a situation that continues to worsen. As new details emerge, we will update this story accordingly.

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