I'm not one to follow trends, but sometimes you just can't help it, right? And in this case, I'll follow this trend til they bury me!

What's trending (at least in your pantry) is the new flavor collection from Oreo. The Nabisco-owned cookie has rolled out some very interesting and delicious flavors over the last few years.

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They just launched the new flavors blueberry pie, chocolate cupcake filled, chocolate berry, marshmallow creme, and birthday cake. I could keep going, but there's just not enough room for me type!

Try the peanut butter cup- YUMMY!

I had the hardest time at the Price Chopper trying to figure out which one I wanted the most! It was torture people, just torture! I did some research and found out that cookie companies everywhere were trying this formula. And I'm loving it, and apparently so is the rest of the world! I look forward to everything Oreo! Get with the trend. Grab yourself some Oreos and a glass of milk and take it back to your childhood.