Snoop Dogg gained a major victory in his legal fight against Pabst Brewing Co. over his endorsement deal.

On Monday (Aug. 29), a California judge declined to drop the veteran rapper’s lawsuit. Snoop is suing Pabst claiming they breached their contract, which stipulates that he gets paid 10 percent of any profits obtained if the company gets sold. In 2014, the brewer's grandparent company, Pabst Corporate Holdings, was sold to a third party for all of its stock in Pabst Holdings Inc.

Judge Malcom H. Mackey denied Pabst’s request for a summary judgement because the evidence being presented on Snoop’s side was so great.

In 2011, Snoop was hired to be the face of Blast by Colt 45, a fruity-flavored byproduct of their classic malt liquor beverage. The 44-year-old rapper received his standard fees and royalties, however, there’s an equity clause in his contract that entitles him to a portion of profits if Pabst ever gets sold.

Snoop's attorney, Alex Weingarten, maintains that Pabst reneged on their the deal with his client.

“Pabst is trying to pull a fast one and argue that even though they sold this company for close to $700 million, they didn’t really sell the company," Weingarten told The Hollywood Reporter.

Attorneys for Pabst argued that the sale merely transferred control of the brand, not ownership, and that isn't covered by Snoop's deal.

"That transaction did not result in the sale of 'the Blast by Colt 45 brand or the entire Colt 45 brand family,'" writes Pabst attorney Robert Dugdale in the motion for summary judgment. "PBC owns these brands in their entirety to this day."

Snoop Dogg's case against Pabst Brewing Co. heads to trial in October.