This past Sunday night at the Coachella music festival Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre brought out the late great Tupac Shakur to perform a mini-set along-side them. Now your probably saying to yourself, "but Pac is dead," and I'm here to tell u that "TUPAC BACK!"

Despite being dead for over a decade, that didnt stop Snoop and Dre from from bringing out Pac during their live set at Coachella. How did they do it? One word, hologram. Pac was live and in action in hologram form performing hits like "Hail Mary," "Gangsta Party," and "2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted."

You have to understand, for hip hop heads like myself this is nothing less than EPIC! For us 90's babies who havent and will never get the chance to see the real Tupac perform live, what more could you ask
for. I'm still blown away at how real the visuals were and how at the beginning of the set Pac yells:

"What the f--k is up Coachellaaaa!"

I cant wait until they work out all the glitches so they can start doing actual full length concerts (DOPE). Can you imagine a Biggie and Pac hologram come back tour? I would more than likely be in tears by the end of that show (lol), but for now just check out the video below of the soon to be legendary performance. R.I.P TUPAC!

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