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Can Your Significant Other FaceTime?
Today's Trending topic is it okay for your significant other to Facetime with someone other than you. I'm not talking about the family we are talking about "friends" particularly friends of the opposite sex. Do you think Facetiming with someone other than your mate qualify as c…
If You Had To Give Up One Thing What Would It Be? [POLL]
With the new year coming 2018 there will be a lot of resolutions to lose weight, stop drinking, smoking, or whatever you think is bad for you. Most people don't end up following through with whatever it is they wanted to accomplish.
My Thoughts On Jay-Z’s Open Letter On Meek Mill
The philanthropist and recent criminal justice reform activist penned a letter for the Times criticizing the unfair justice system that incarcerated rapper Meek Mill for violating his parole
Friday Juice: Brunch With Books
I know where all the ladies will be having Brunch at this Sunday Umana Wine Bar. This is an event tailored just for the ladies. Friday Juice will have the Sunday vibes on lock, with their latest Brunch with Books event
Justice For Dahmeek March & Rally
There is a rally going on for social justice in Troy this Saturday to demand an investigation into the shooting of two unarmed black men.
Remy Ma Talks Lil Kim Collabo With The Supreme Experience
Remy Ma surprised me the other afternoon, the day after she released her new single with Lil Kim. Remy surprised me with a phone call to thanks Hot 991 for being one of the first stations in the country to play her new song.
Catch These Vibes Winning Weekend
This will definitely be a lituation next weekend and we are the plug for your tickets. Listen all weekend long to Text To Win to see PNB Rock at the Albany Capital Center.
Brick Season Hits For 2018
Here are five albums designed to get you through the long winter months like the true trap star that you are.

Capital Eats: Elevation Burger
I took a trip over to the new Elevation Burger in Latham. The food was great I had to bring in the owners who are local businessmen, Zubair Ahmed and Azam Khan, to talk a little bit more about the new restaurant.
Why Did Chick-Fil-A Troll The Capital District ?
Chick-Fil-A the restaurant that taste best on Sunday, just trolled the entire Capital Region. Every now and again you will see these random fake internet stories about a Chic-Fil-A coming to upstate New York, this time it is true.
Psychic Wayne On The Supreme Experience
Psychic Wayne "Psychic to the Stars" called into The Supreme Experience to answer questions about the Tarot and actually did a couple of readings for listeners.
Is FaceBook Listening To Our Conversations ?
Most conspiracy theories have to do with someone violated our personal freedom. One of the biggest personal freedoms that have been under attack, is our personal right to privacy. With the inventions of smaller phones with more memory and better cameras, everything is recorded.
Schenectady Man Causes $1600 In Urinating Damages
A city man damaged more than $1,600 in property at a pharmacy by urinating on it, authorities said. Danish Sukrah, 23, of Emmett Street, faces one count of second-degree criminal mischief, a felony.
Albany Auto Show This Weekend
More than 160 new vehicles (cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans) representing 34 manufacturers and exhibitor booths featuring auto-related products and services.