There may be even fewer places to light up in the Capital Region soon. Smoking bans have been popping up around the area, including Crossgates Mall. Smoke-free policies have also been discussed for SUNY campuses and now, Schenectady parks.

There was a meeting on Monday about a law that would make smoking illegal in all Schenectady city parks. Enforcing the ban would be difficult. I can’t imagine the city would waste police efforts by employing an officer to constantly patrol parks for smokers.

The “open area” debate will always be relevant with smokers and non-smokers. I doubt any smoker would purposely pollute a child’s lungs with fumes, but that’s how most non-smokers feel. Smokers will always fight for their right to puff, and non-smokers will always fight for their right to breathe smoke-free oxygen.

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