Over the weekend Rita Ora hit the London scene to celebrate her new number 1 hit single 'RIP' at the Markham Inn Restaurant. Although her and new boo Rob Kardashian have been doing a hell of a job dodging paparazzi, he took to twitter to express his love for Ms.Rita!

According to NecoleBitchie, last time paparazzi tried to get a shot of him and Rita arguing, Rob chased him into a store and supposedly threatened to kill him! (worddd? that's how you feel Rob?) Things seem to be better between the two now, and although they still enter events separately, rob has no problem declaring to the twitter world that Rita is his woman. After Rita tweeted:



Rob responded:


"That's MY baby! @RitaOra http://pic.twitter.com/YwHfgqh0

You did it. i love you and you're my wife.

I hate hoes.

But I LOVE MY WOMAN! I'm so proud of You!"

I think Rob is going kind of hard, but nonetheless still a cute gesture. Besides, they are a nice looking couple if u ask me. Do you think these two will last? Leave a comment a let us know!

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