President Barack Obama is by far the illest President hands down in the opinion of KeishaRenee. Even thoe 08 was the first year that I could legally vote, I can honestly remember being super excited to vote, and then to see the next day he won on every TV station and newspaper that feeling was AMAZING. Any how the 44th presidents 2nd term is slowly coming to an end. Last night at the last White House Correspondents dinner for the President, President Barack Obama did not have a regular speech nor did he speak on things that he probably was suppose to speak on but instead turned his whole speech into a roast, joking on Donald Trump and his "foreign policy" and Bernie Sanders looking like a "million bucks". He also took playful jabs at others though out his speech. But what the President  did at the end of the speech was priceless, no good bye , no thank-you's but instead the President ended his speech by simply dropping the mic on the stage. If that's not a real way to exit then I don't know a better way.