Early nominees for 2016  parents of the year in Canton Ohio.


Police called to an apartment complex by neighbors who reported hearing a child crying said they found a toddler stuck in a toilet and marijuana growing in another room.
The 2-year-old boy had used the toilet, then fell in and got stuck, according to police reports.

Neighbors called police at 11:04 a.m. Thursday to report hearing a child crying for about one half hour in the Skyline Terrace apartment in the 900 block of Kingston Drive SE, said Lt. James Cole of the patrol division. The neighbors told police they had knocked repeatedly on the door but no one answered.

I have two questions one what is wrong with the fathers eye ? He looks like a fake Fetty Wap and the other question is how does a kid get stuck in the toilet ? How is this physically possible ? They were just begging to get caught at whatever they were doing because there is no excuse for any of this. There has to be more to this story because a lot of things just aren't adding up.