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Albany County Sex Offender Finds Daycare Loophole
Seeing this story made my blood boil and my stomach churn, all because of a law loophole. I thought the rules on where convicted sex offenders could live were pretty strict but apparently, there's a loophole that allowed one to move near an Albany County daycare.
Why Is There A Long Black Tube Across The Road?
I know this has happened to you. You are driving down the road and all of a sudden you see this black long tube all the way across it. You drive over it with no problem but then you wonder, what the heck is that black tube used for and why on this road?
Albany NY Tulip Festival
The Albany Tulip Festival is back this weekend. Saturday, May 12 to Sunday May 13 in Albany's Washington Park. It's a free event and open to the public. Come out and see over 150 different variations of tulips. Organizers estimate more than 90,000 people will attend the two-day festival...
Upstate NY Artist ClearMind
Hailing from Upstate NY , artist Clear Mind is next up.
His style and flow is to that old hip hop boom bap rap sound that the game has been missing.
Performing at showcases all over the capital region and locking in on the college crowd Clear is doing it all...
Albany Dogs At Risk with Distemper Outbreak
I saw a post from a woman who had to put her dog down because of being unaware of the risk of distemper. She wanted other Capital Region dog owners to be warned and to know how to protect your pet!
5 Things To Know About Albany, NY
I'm born and raised in Albany and it's true some people never fully explore their home town. I get amazed by some of the new stuff I find out about the Capital.
Here is 5 facts that puts Albany on the map of best places to live.
5) We are the capital of New York...

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