Fridays are supposed to be fun! Unless your life is in turmoil or you have a long weekend, most people are consistently happy and chipper on Fridays. With that being said, I was thinking about holding off on posting this so I wouldn’t kill the mood of the weekend. However, there isn’t really a “good day” to post something like this so here we go…

The incident occurred on Monday, August 13th outside of a KFC in the East Village of NYC at 4:15pm. According to the man who recorded the incident, the homeless man pictured in the video was having a seizure. As you can see, when police attempted to approach the man, his pitbull-mix kicked into protector mode.

The dog barked at the cop several times before lunging at the police officer. The cop quickly drew his pistol and delivered one shot to the animal. There are conflicting reports online, some saying the dog survived.

Either way, this is probably the most disgusting thing you’ll see all day.