Uh-oh! It looks like Nicki Minaj could be facing legal trouble soon. Owners of a Dallas nightclub are angry with the ‘Starships’ rapper for bailing out on a club appearance Sunday night (July 29). According to news affiliate KDAF-TV, Minaj was paid $30,000 for an appearance at Zouk nightclub, but at the last minute nixed the idea.

“From my understanding, she was outside, she had shown up, her security had done a walk through and she just decided not to come in,” said Zouk’s spokesperson Matt Cislo. According to Cislo, everything was legit from the money transfer and signed agreements from an outside promoter and Pink Personality LLC, which is supposed to be Minaj’s representatives. “We looked at their contracts, the wire transfer, we had seen everything; that’s why we went through with the show,” Cislo added.

But on Sunday, Minaj tweeted to her Barbz that there was no after-show appearance and shouted out to the promoters who falsely advertised her appearance at Zouk.

“As soon as everyone found out she wasn’t showing up on Twitter they were messaging us — text message, emails — you know why are you putting on a fake show? Just gives us a bad rep,” said Cislo. Zouk’s rep also promised full refunds to disappointed Barbz who did buy tickets to see Minaj.

Nicki Minaj and her attorneys had no comment on the matter.

Watch KDAF-TV News Report on Nicki Minaj’s Club No-Show in Dallas