WWE Wrestlemania 28 aired live on PPV last night from (Wrestlemania headliner) The Rock's hometown of Miami, Florida.  Fans saw titles change hands, bloody battles, performances by Machine Gun Kelly, Flo Rida, and appearances by P. Diddy and "Extra" host, Maria Menounos.

Aside from the pageantry and legendary match-ups, a wardrobe malfunction in the "divas" tag team match featuring Maria Menounos garnered most of my attention.  Maria teamed up with WWE star Kelly Kelly to face divas champion, Beth Pheonix, and Eve.

The gymnast-like moves and skimpy outfits were appealing to me.  A giant brown stain on Maria's caboose had the opposite effect.

"What the hell is that?", "Did she crap herself", "Did she sit in a puddle of pudding?" were all questions I asked myself while watching with a queezy stomach.  I figured the force of a Beth Phoenix body slam may have caused a bad reaction to Maria's digestive system.

Maria cleared things up on twitter later that night:

Thank goodness!!!  Maria is, in my opinion, one of the most naturally beautiful women in entertainment today.  If it were confirmed to be doody on her tights, it may have ruined my attraction to her for life.

Be honest with yourself from a social standard level.  If you were to see someone you admire walking around with poo in their pants, you're never going to look at them the same.  What if you were watching a live news break and a very professional (and cute) anchor like Jessica Layton was broadcasting with streaks in her drawers?  No mas!  No mas!  It's a silly concept to think about but have fun with it.  Which local celebrity would you never look at the same if they messed their drawers?