In today's #BLANKSTARENEWS a bold "vigilante" confronts shoppers after they were in his opinion mis- using food stamps to buy food check out the video:

I question the validity of this video. I doubt that anyone is that bold to confront a woman in front of two men for something so random as misusing welfare. Even though the woman was using her welfare for the correct thing to buy food. If she did use her cash to buy lottery tickets what is so bad about that ? She could've won the lotto and got her self off of welfare. People who complain about welfare mis use are stupid to me. The money they take out of your pay check is minor compared to the cost of running a country.

If people weren't on welfare more poor people would become criminals, and we would would have an even more rowdy society. People are going to find a way to eat regardless. Welfare actually helps to keep people from doing acts of desperation to eat. The Government knows welfare helps to calm society down. On top of that the money the state makes off of lotto every year far out weighs the amount that is spent on welfare benefits.

I doubt this video is real they are all probably friends. I wouldn't advise any welfare vigilante to try this in real life you probably would get hurt. You don't know anyone's financial situation so it probably would be best to mind your own business.