Based on his many Samsung commercials, one might think that Lil Wayne is well accustomed with virtual reality technology, but that didn't leave the rapper immune to losing his shit recently at the E3 video game conference. Wayne was in attendance to plug his upcoming mobile game Sqvad Up and to perform for the crowd, what became his first performance since experiencing a mid-flight seizure earlier in the week.

From the looks of the above video, Wayne was able to fit a little fun into his time at the conference as well, cursing up a storm as a virtual reality roller coaster dipped and dropped. As to whether it was the VR experience or simply the roller coaster simulation that worked Weezy up into such a state can't really be determined, but he has delivered a baby elephant via virtual reality before, so the latter seems likelier.

Wayne's seizure raised health concerns for the rapper as there was a report that lean consumption led to the scare. Wayne himself has denied that his beverage consumption was the cause, telling TMZ that he has epilepsy and couldn't find the proper medication while in Milwaukee. He believed he could go without his medication for a few days without issue, but was mistaken.

That being the case, sticking a video screen three inches away from his face may not have been the best idea, but all indications suggest Wayne and the people at E3 are in control of user experience and safety. Watch Wayne freak out in the above video.

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