This summer we've seen rappers do whatever they can to help improve their communities, and Lil B has just joined that expansive list. Recently, the Oakland rapper found a homeless family in the streets of L.A. Noticing the plight of the family, which is composed of three boys and their mother, Lil B gave each of three children $100. He used his Instagram account to document the experience later, and his recap was accompanied by a stern call to action for Black parents in America.

"I love yall and please protect the children and i swear to god im tired to seeing young black children born into the struggle! Do your part and protect and educate the youth and our black youth number one and all youth number one black lives matter! " Lil B writes. He continues, "And so does yours ! But i must admit nobody is born into the struggle in america but black people fuck that and please wake up yall and watch who u letting around ur damn kids and the photos u posting of ur family dont nobody wanna or need to see that shit protect the children and world i love yall."

Lil B's Instagram post is definitely an appropriate call to action, and based on the good deeds we've seen rappers do all summer, many of his contemporaries share his sentiments. Last month, Boosie BadAzz and his friend TQ donated 20,000 pairs of socks and underwear, bottles of water and hygiene kits to everyone affected by the floods in Baton Rouge. Recently, Jeezy helped donate 2,5000 backpacks with school supplies to elementary schools in the Atlanta area.

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