First off, let me say this: young Shade Jenifer is super cool! Really humble, funny, and just a dope personality. Lowkey it was like hanging out with my little brother all day just chilling and kicking it.Good vibes good vibes. All day was nothing but laughing snap chatting and real talk.I took them to the mall out to eat at Fridays and even gave them a little taste of albany and ofcourse we hit up Albany High Senior Prom and got it lit. We even stopped by the Hot studio for an exclusive interview with Dj Supreme. Heres 3 facts that you need to know about Shade Jenifer.

Here are 3 facts:

Fact #1 Shade has only beeing taking singing serioulsy for about a year

Fact #2 He started recording on a usb mic and a regular windows laptop

Fact #3 His self-debute album Shade Jenifer is out and available on itunes