Whether it be his Yeezy Season fashion line or his conversation sparking music, it's hard to deny that Kanye West has a vision for his art. His rants, spoken or otherwise, have an artistic quality to themselves as well, and it seems that Kanye is applying that same sensibility to social media.

While his Twitter sprees have at times been characterized as erratic or detrimental, they have a stream of consciousness to them lends a certain degree of transparency into his mind. They too, then, are thought of in similar artistic terms, and Kanye said on Monday (March 14) that they are a contemporary art form, and if he were to ever create an Instagram account, he'd treat that the same way.

"On another note..." Kanye wrote after pleading with L.A. Clippers owner Steve Balmer to let him redesign the team's mascot. "I was thinking about getting an Instagram but only on one condition......no one can ask me or try to tell m what to Instagram... It's my art... My tweets are a form of contemporary art only compromised by people trying to tell me what to tweet and not to tweet... Non artist trying to grab the paint brush..."

Based on the frenzy that Kanye has created on Twitter in recent months, it's equal parts terrifying and exhilarating to imagine his potential Instagram account. No doubt, Kim Kardashian's ability to harness the image sharing platform is contributing to Kanye's expanded social presence. Read his IG-related thoughts below.

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