Fresh from tearing down SXSW 2016 with his Pro Era crew, Joey Bada$$ headed over to the Heavy Hitters Shade 45 show to catch up with DJ Enuff. The Brooklyn-bred MC talked about his new plan to give fans more free music, working with a legendary producer and his beef with Troy Ave.

Joey recently dropped his new track “Brooklyn's Own” and said that he’s at a point in his career where he wants to give more to his fans. “I feel like as an artist I’ve established myself in the game, but I feel like over the years I haven’t given my fans enough,” says Joey. His plan is simple: deliver more free music. “I am literally getting better everyday," he says. "I am growing and getting stronger.” Since he's been in the game since he was 17, he’s learned how to maneuver in the industry throughout the years.

With age comes maturity and growth, and Joseph Badmon has been taking notes from some of the best. “I’ve been in the studio lately with Wyclef,” he revealed. “I been working with Jerry Wonder.” He’s also trying to land a session with Dr. Dre while he’s in L.A. for the month of April. “I heard we were supposed to be working with Dre soon, so I don’t want to fuck up the shits, so hopefully you know what I am saying, I’ma put it out there just so it could be stronger.” Joey said.

After he dropped a hot 16 over A Tribe Called Quest's "Award Tour," Joey was hype and revealed that he had an arsenal of heat just waiting to be released. "I am sitting on about 80 tracks," Joey said. "I may just drop an album this summer. I may drop another in December."

The 2013 XXL Freshman is not only working on new tracks and helping his Pro Era fam launch their careers, he’s also flexing his acting chops. He will be starring in the new season of Mr. Robot, a USA series.

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