It looks like Joey Bada$$ and Troy Ave are not done beefing with each other just yet. The rival rappers continued to throw barbs at each other on social media - this time on Instagram.

On Saturday (March 5), Joey went to his IG account to address some of the cruel remarks that Ave tweeted about him and his late friend Capital STEEZ. He posted a photo of himself onstage with the caption, “This is me headlining at okeechobee festival in front of approx 25,000 fans... Yes that's right I have shows and the capacity are more than 4x your album sales... What diss record??? Oh from that 30 y/o reject who hit the lil homie below the belt?? F--- OUTTA HERE. I'm getting what u makin ya whole career just off collabs cocksucka beat it…”

Joey added that Ave’s rap career is on life support and he’s ready to pull the plug. He closed his diss with the hashtag #MajorL.

Troy Ave responded on his own Instagram account with a video of Hot 97 playing his latest diss song, “Bad Ass.” He wrote in the caption, “Rock out ‘they gon play this hit on the radio dawg, and u gon be like damn ‘why they playing this for’ I DEAL IN FACTS, I DO WHAT I SAY …. #WeJusMakeBetterMusic I’m tryna burn up the charts they tryna burn up in hell.”

But Ave took it a step further and reportedly posted another photo blasting Joey and the Pro Era crew for instigating the beef and for pushing music that encourages their fans to commit suicide. The pic has since been deleted but gossip website The Shade Room screengrab it.

The post reads in part, “Y’all n----s music tell kids that if u commit suicide you’ll be a martyr and a legend! My music says don’t do that cause you’ll be a d--- head a bozo, You’ll never be poppin in the streets, radios or clubs, you’ll always jus be a internet rapper.”

Clearly, this feud is getting real heated between the two rappers. Also, Ave seems to have no shame in disrespecting Capital STEEZ's 2012 suicide. He sort of apologized last week when Styles P called him out for his insensitivity to people who take their own life. For those who may not know, Styles’ daughter committed suicide in 2015 so it’s a sensitive subject to him.

The feud between Joey Bada$$ and Troy Ave is still raging and we don’t see any reconciliation in the near future. Hopefully, this beef can be resolved in a peaceful manner.

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