Recently I posted a blog about Schenectady being trash city. I thought the video was a little over exaggerated. Anywhere that people live there is going to be trash because most people are lazy. Then I ran across this article that accompanied the video that I found on YouTube.

Schenectady: Ranked most dangerous, poorest city in USA

The article goes to cite "numbers" of a 33% chance of being raped in Schenectady

Really? I know some people who are immature and take pride in representing a place that is dangerous, which I have never understood. Schenectady doesn't seem like any of those places, that really do have overwhelming problems. It seems like the author of this article really doesn't like Schenectady and just needed something to vent about.

This is why you can't trust what you read on the internet. The author of this story wrote the article to seem factual, but this article just echoed his personal opinions. Here is another video I found on YouTube and the over dramatization of these videos is hilarious.

I've been to Schenectady a bunch of times never lived there. I've seen and heard of places being way worse than this. The author of this fictional story needs to save his money and move.

So let me put this question out there: is Schenectady really that bad? Does the city deserve this type of bad press?