So I'm sure we heard that wonderful saying "summer bodies are made in the winter" right? Well I'm not one to talk about working out and eating right because I'm always game for some food lovin -I cant get enough of the Spanish spot in Albany and some Jamaican food and then the fact that I also work at a bar dose not help me what so ever with making the right choices.I just wanna be "summer-time" fine and they don't wanna see the kid be great!!  Anyways long story short summer time is here and lets face it, I along with many others probably wont start my new years workout resolution again until Jan 1,2016. Well with that being said  l absolutely love summer time and the outfits that come along with it. So what better way to start the summer off right but with some new looks.Here are some of my favorite pieces that will work with just any body type.

I absolutely love the romper look you cant go wrong with this look.

The flowing maxi dress is also a plus.

Another bomb maxi dress that's better fit for a more formal occasion.

And of course you cant go wrong with shorts, they don't have to be high cut shorts all the time, this look will go perfectly with a crop top or a tank top your choice.

Those are just a few of my faves I mean if I'm not going to work out this summer at least I can look FAB all summer long in my cute new outfits.