I’m not a person who thinks everyone should vote. In fact, if you don’t follow the politics leading up to an election, I think you shouldn’t. If this is your first year of eligibility and you have a good grasp on each platform represented in this year’s election, there are a few easy ways to get registered.

Michelle Obama spoke to several radio stations this morning and she announced a website and phone number where you can register (no cost involved).

The toll-free number to call is: 1-866-MYVOTE1 (1-866-698-6831)

The website to register is: www.gottavote.org

You could also register on-site with us on Saturday (8/11) from 2p-5p at the 6th Ave. basketball courts in Troy for the “Community For Unity Book Bag and Voter Registration Drive”.

Along with voter registration, the event includes a book bag drive for local youth, a Dunkin Hines youth basketball tournament for boys and girls (12 and under) and a 3 point shooting contest for adults.