Hot 99.1 presents “Making The 5-1-gr8″! The Capital Region wouldn’t be a great place to live if it weren’t for great people. Our goal is to bring attention to those in the community who are doing positive things to make the 518 a better place. We’re currently shining the spotlight on Kelsey Collins.

Kelsey is a local YMCA employee who has been focusing his efforts on Jerry Burrell Park in Schenectady. He’s been waking up early each day to clean up the park between 6am and 7am.

The purpose of the clean-up is to benefit children who enjoy the free lunch and day program at the park. His actions provide the children a clean, safe environment to eat and play on a daily basis.

Kelsey refers to his younger years as inspiration for the project. Growing up in Hamilton Hill, he witnessed community members coming together for clean-up so he could enjoy the park as a young’n. His goal has been to re-establish that community unity to inspire the younger generation.

He has already inspired many individuals close to him. His sister, friends, community members and co-workers have all chipped in to help. Kelsey encourages those interested in joining him to contact the local YMCA or reach out to him directly via his facebook page.

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