Ex-New York State Senator and Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton stopped by The Breakfast Club just in time because the election season is almost over. If you missed her previous interview with The Breakfast Club, important info about Hillary was released such as her love for Beyonce' and hot sauce.

This time on the Breakfast Club Hillary gets even more personal she discusses her debates with Donald Trump. Also, she reveals what Bill Clinton will do as first gentleman. Another fact that was revealed is Hillary's love of the Chicago Cubs and dance parties.

The Breakfast Club even asked her about how she feels about Saturday Night Live's spoofs of her and much more. Today's interview just happened to be on the former first ladies birthday so The Breakfast Club had, Stevie Wonder stop by as a very special guest and sings Happy Birthday to her. Check out the epic Breakfast Club Interview below and listen to The Breakfast Club Monday - Friday 6a -10a. on Hot 991.