Halloween is here and what more to do besides running from zombies and trick-or-treating than to cuddle up on the couch and indulge in Halloween movies. Here is a list of Halloween movies to catch tonight on TV.

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1) HOCUS POCUS- will forever be a classic no matter how old you get.

2) HALLOWEEN- Classic hands down i'll watch 1-6 easily over and over

3) The Adams Family Movie - Its levels to this, another classic that can be caught tonight on TV as well

4) Nightmare On Elm Street- Freddy is back and you should beware

5) Halloween Town High- Imagine living somewhere where it was Halloween very day out the year? Cool, well I don't know about every day but I could do a good month of it.

6) Chucky- I always wanted a Chucky doll but to have it turn on you ill pass. The movie Chucky will forever be Top 5 Halloween Movies of all time.