In recent news a Glen Falls drug ring known as the chicken chasers has just been sentenced in court:

A member of the heroin ring known as the “Chicken Chasers” learned his fate in court on Wednesday.

Trevor Harris pleads guilty to felony drug sale and was sentenced to 3.5 years behind bars plus two years post release supervision. Harris was also ordered to undergo substance abuse treatment and to pay restitution.

Harris was part of a heroin drug ring that called themselves the “Chicken Chasers.” The ring is accused of selling heroin and cocaine throughout the Capital Region.

According to the Warren County sheriff, the group wasn’t very subtle as they had their own Facebook page with a logo. Police said “chicken” was a metaphor for the money they made selling drugs.

Another Clueless Drug Ring gets caught: So this dude Trevor Harris is involved in a heroin ring that quote called themselves “Chicken Chasers” you can’t make this up it’s sad I mean I know times are tough but really going the drug dealing route like come one man you can find a living that’s not illegal.

They had the nerve to put this up on Facebook of all places did they really think that the police wouldn’t find it. The guy involved with this also was using these narcotics that he was selling on the street he has to go get treatment because he also has a drug problem.

At the end of the day he and his crew aren’t the brightest tools in the tool shed clearly.