If you’re not going to Lark Fest, there’s something wrong there. Go. It’s one hell of a time of course there’s going be live music, food, craft vendors, food trucks. It’s just a great time can’t wait for it to start this weekend.


Here are the featured acts :

• The Relationship (Brian Bell from Weezer)
• Ought
• Lower Dens
• Delicate Steve
• Televisionaries
• Cannon The Brave
• County Mike
• Gordon Street
• Hammer Hawk
• Jouska
• Pinesheets
• Mr. Everyday and Past Life Entertainment
Neighborhood of Make Believe
• Ryan Leddick Trio
• Slowshine
• Throat Culture
• Revival! Revival!

It’s FREE so you can’t beat that either there’s no reason why ya’ll shouldn’t go to Lark Fest it’s a really fun time. This has been going on for 35 years so there doing something right obviously so if you don’t go your going to wish you went for sure. For more info swing on by larkstreetbid.org